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Sealing Wax & Brass Seals
Folded Steel & Forged Katanas
Affordable Katanas
Tai Chi & Martial Arts Gear
Ancient Weapons: Greek, Roman, etc...
Axes, Maces, Whips & Shields
Renaissance Rapiers & Pirate Cutlasses
TV & Movie Swords
Combat-Worthy Steel Swords
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Sword Stands & Wall Displays
Letter Openers
Leather belts, frogs & scabbards

Privacy Policy

The Swordmark Company takes personal information security very seriously. We will not make the information you give us available to anyone on the net and we will not sell your information to any person or organization.

We do not sell our mailing list...period! We may, from time to time, send out wax seal savings coupons or special sword discount offers to our valued customers, but we will not pass your information on to any other person or organization.

You're safe with us. We'll see to that. It's our pledge!

The Swordmark Company, P.O. Box 49592, Atlanta, GA 30359, (770) 498-3667