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Coif of mail

Coif of Mail

This mail coif is made in the common European pattern of 4 links through a 5th, called the international pattern. The steel links are butted together, not riveted or fastened together, which makes this coif very affordable. It is one size fits all.
Coif $59 (Add $8 shipping)

Coif closeup
Closeup of coif

Chain mail shirt

Chainmail Shirt

This chainmail shirt is made of steel in the same pattern as the coif shown above. The pattern of the weave allows the shirt to expand slightly to accomodate larger body sizes. We like to say it is "one size fits most."

The picture shows it with a coif, but the coif is not included in the price; the price is for the shirt only.
Chainmail shirt $225 (Add $15 shipping)



Also known as a "Mace and Chain," the flail was a deadly weapon particularly useful against knights when swords couldn't penetrate the thick armor. This flail is a decorative model and looks very good hanging on the wall.
Flail $20 (Add $7 shipping)

“Switchblade” Comb

This folding pocket comb looks like a switchblade knife! Just slide down the small button to unlock it and push the button for a quick ejection of the comb. This adult novelty comb is not suitable for children. Made in Hong Kong.
Switchblade comb $5 (Add $2.50 shipping)

Switchblade comb

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