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Robin Hood

This version of the Robin Hood sword is made of stainless steel and is about 35 inches long . You can see a closeup of the hilt of this sword by clicking on the picture.

There's a blue "gem" set squarely in the midst of a round, open-work pommel which reads on one side, "Robin of Locksley" and on the other side, "Earl of Huntington." And the neat part is that light can shine on and through the gem.
$55 (Add $15 shipping)

Back scabbard

Back Scabbard

This back scabbard holds longer swords which would otherwise drag the ground if worn on your hip. It is adjustable for slightly shorter or longer blades up to a blade length of 41 inches. It will fit all the swords shown above. It is also adjustable in front to accomodate chest sizes up to 48 inches.
It is available in brown or black leather.
$12.00 (Add $9 shipping)

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