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Tips for making perfect wax seals everytime

In the old days, people used to lick the seal or dip it in water before each use. The thin coating of water would keep the hot wax from sticking to the metal. We suggest you lightly spray the metal seal with a non-stick lubricant (e.g. WD40, Pam cooking spray, silicone) to ensure that the wax won't stick to the seal.

If you are using the gold or silver colorbox (to make a two-tone seal), do not spray the seal. The pigment in the colorbox will act as your lubricant.

Wax seal step 1


Light the wax, tilt the stick at an angle, and let the wax drip where you want your seal.

Wax seal step 2


Start by creating a circle of wax slightly larger than your seal.

Wax seal step 3


Next, fill in the circle and blow out the wax stick.

Wax seal step 4


Place the metal seal firmly in the wax while it is still liquid. Wait about 5 seconds to allow the wax to harden before pulling the seal from the wax.


To cleanup, wipe the metal seal with a paper towel. If any wax is stuck to the metal, use a pin to poke it out, and next time lubricate that spot more carefully.

Having trouble making seals?

The three buttons to the right will take you to a tip page to help you make perfect wax seals every time, a FAQ page of frequently asked questions, and an example page with pictures of historical and modern examples of wax seals in use.


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